Hardware Flexibility Option

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Customers wishing to operate in a cloud environment now have the possibility to register C·CURE 90000 with a HWFLX Option so that the Serial Number license is not locked to the hardware traits of a target physical machine.
Ordering information:
1. Customer orders C•CURE 9000 licenses and the appropriate quantity of CC9000-HWFLX C•CURE 9000 Hardware Flexibility Option(s)
2. Software House Sales team will provide the HWFLX Agreement template to be completed by the customer
3. HWFLX Agreement signed by both the integrator and the end-user need to be sent to the EMEA Licensing team (tspemealicense@tycoint.com)
4. Once the HWFLX Agreement is signed by JCI management the C·CURE License team will generate the temporary license including HWFLX Option for distribution to the integrator.
5. The integrator installs the software, temporary license and registers the software via the website or license team.
Note: The C·CURE9000 system with HWFLX option requires a valid SSA at all time. If the System SSA expires, the HWFLX Option also expires.






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