Software USB with MS SQL Server 2016 Standard

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Important Information:
C•CURE 9000 Series P through T requires a minimum of SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition Database. We offer two licensing models for SQL – core-based, and CAL-based (a CAL is a Client Access License). Core-based licensing may be appropriate when there an extremely large number of client workstations; however, in most cases CAL-based licensing will be the most cost effective for C·CURE 9000.

• CC9000-KIT-SQL includes an embedded runtime license of SQL Server 2016, Standard Edition, for use solely with C·CURE 9000 for an unlimited number of client connections. The license is valid for four physical processor cores. Servers with more than four cores in the CPU will require multiple copies.
• CC9000-KIT-SQLC includes a copy of SQL Server 2016, Standard Edition, with 5 CALs, for use solely with C·CURE 9000. If you have more than five user devices for C•CURE 9000 (workstations, web clients, C•CURE Go users) then you must order additional CALs.

Note: SQL upgrades to a new future version are not included; a new copy will need to be ordered at that time.






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